Sunday, July 08, 2012

Shoes On!

Is there anything sweeter than toddler talk? Not for me, not at the moment anyway. I just love how my little guy says, "Dee-do, Mama!" (thank you, mama) all day because it is remarkably similar to another phrase, "Doot-dit, mama" which translates to, "look it, mama!" for when he has anything he thinks is interesting. I wish I had a camera and microphone to just follow him around all day to capture his cute little phrases and faces. I heard that when they were making Monsters Inc, they just put a mic on a little girl and let her roam the studio all week and that's how they got all the adorable little phrases that Boo says. I keep thinking that if anyone in Hollywood needed ADORABLE toddler babbling, my little guy would stop the show with his vocal cuteness! I can't seem to get it recorded since when I pull out the phone the little ham stops whatever he's doing and says, "cheeeeeeeese" which is quite cute, but not so handy for candid anything. Ah well, maybe it will happen, but if not, I hope it is etched in my memory forever!

Another common phrase is "choos-on". Yeah, he is convinced that the word is not Shoes, but Shoes-on. When I think about it, I hardly ever say one without the other. Let's get our shoes on. Can you put your shoes on? Shoes on, please. So every time he sees a shoe he says, "choos on!" Love it. 
Happiness does not depend on what happens outside of you, but on what happens inside of you.

Harold B. Lee