Thursday, January 29, 2009

it starts...

Can I borrow your purse, because I emptied it out?


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And the grammy goes to...

Someone else! And that is just fine- not really going for a grammy these days- or any days in the future, for that. But man, have I told you that I really love music (and apparently hyphens)? Which leads me to another goal I have that I forgot to mention with my resolutions: Writing music! The only thing I have ever written was a very simple piano piece for 6th grade theory class. Writing an actual song is going to be a bit more challenging, but I just have to do it. I know I need to be developing musical talents, I know it! It's not just that I enjoy music, and that it relaxes me, and absolutley touches my heart, and can change my mood in minutes, and song lyrics stick to me like nothing else. Those are all fine, but what really tells me that I need to be active in doing musical stuff is the very real and unrelenting ache in the bottom of my chest when I taste the sweetness of other people's musical gifts.

When Jenny Oaks Baker (she's about my age you know?) played the violin BEAUTIFULLY and I realized she was good enough to attended Juliard* (*whoa!) at the age of 19:Impressed in my head, tiny ache in my heart.

When Cherrie Call stood on stage and played guitar and sang some of my favorite songs that I didn't know were by her, and sounded just as amazing in person as on CD: My heart was uplifted, and yet ached, and I wanted to hear more.

When Janice Kapp Perry, the woman who wrote the first song I ever sang in public, and a LOT of the songs I sing to my babies, sang to us and told us how she hadn't written a song until she was older, and various other musical heights she reached that she never fathomed would be part of her life : I was inspired, I never thought of writing a song, I felt determined and achy, but excited!

So i've been brainstorming songs, and the more I do it, the more ideas I get. I am nowhere near being piano literate, but practicing gives me musical insight too. Same with the little bits and peices I am learning about guitar. I'm excited to see what comes of this new goal. It's so intriguing!

And it has been occuring to me that the way my brain functions almost completely in metaphors, though occasionally random, might be just right for coming up with lyrics.

That's it for my thoughts, no news, but I do have a reccomendation for silliness: I did my hair in a completly crazy way to make the kids laugh while doing our chores this morning, and it made the chores a little less tedious, and a lot more giggly.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Watch out for "The Man"

You think you know a person.

(the official story is not nearly as exciting as the creative assumptions. Jason's office was used for interviews today.)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


1. Learn family history indexing. A friend of mine boasted(with every right!) of indexing the most records in our stake at one point. I don't know enough to really know the feasibility of blowing the current record out of the water, but i'm going to try. Might as well make it fun right?

2. No sweets for 2009. ( an 80 calorie/day limit for really special occasions)

3. Do something every day that doesn't have to be re-done the next day. So far i've actually enjoyed picking my poison, so to speak. I've emptied my vaccum, cleaned out the filter, cleaned under the entertainment center and couches, and gone to the dentist, just to name a few. As you can see, some days are less laborous than others.

what are your resolutions?
It's almost time! Camera's are ready!

Get seats before they are gone!


Brooklyn with "oh-rock Obama", the president of the "nided states"

We loved the inauguration, and I really loved the president's speech. It is amazing to me that 12 years before Jason was born, interracial marriage was illegal. And yet yesterday, I could watch that inauguration with my beautiful interratial babies, and be tasting the sweet fruits of the courageous and loving acts of people like Matin Luther King Jr.

I thought of a video clip where MLK Jr. was telling about an amusement park that his family often passed by, and his little girl always wanted to visit. Just like when we pass Lagoon, and Brooklyn is awestruck by the huge colorful rides; kids are drawn to stuff like that. And then he went on to say that their little girl kept asking about it and trying to figure out why they had never gone. They had sheltered her from the truth as long as they could, but their answers weren't enough, so they were forced to exlpain. Brooklyn knows that when she is bigger, she will be able to go to Lagoon, and she mentions it each time we pass, and my heart sank as I thought of my little angel, and tried to fatham how you would go about explaining to someone so young and full of love and innocence that the people didn't like her brown skin, so she couldn't ever go. Can you even imagine? I feel so grateful that I never have to have that conversation with her, she will not live under the shadow of such blatent and systematic hate. And this little blip of a glance at the past gives me a greater appreciation for the bitter steps that thousands of others took, that changed the course of their future, which is my present.

I have high hopes that we will have courage to face the hard choices of OUR day, from the very small to the very large , and that we will likewise witness miracles great and small, and go on to leave our little ones a world with an increasing amount of love.

Friday, January 16, 2009

2008: in 24 words.

December: Hi Santa!
November: Diego's "snow"
October: Complete Incredibles

September: Family Night
August: Summer outings

July: Baby fun

June: Lost Camera!

May: Watching rockets

April: Welcome Athen
March: Egg Hunting
February: Hello Utah!

January: Farewell Georgia.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The BEST invention!

There has got to be a way to install one of these in our yard, better yet, in the toy room! It's like when you were a kid and wanted to build a house with trampoline walls- someone did! Brilliant!
Diego LOVED this thing!

Sea World

Along with this big box of Christmas presents, Jason's amazing mom sent us Christmas fun money. That, combined with my Aunt Becky providing wonderful lodging (and lots of treats!), and my parents driving us, and so many people being so wonderful in a hundered different ways served to make it a one-of-a-kind Christmas in San Diego we will never forget!Thanks Family!!!

One of things we did with Bugga's fun money was to buy sea world passes. All in all we went FIVE times, with 6 different aunts and uncles, did everything there was to do, saw all the shows, went on all the rides, and since we could go so often, we could do it all at a relaxed pace. Here's some of our fun!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Here's a peek at a fun, quick, morning run in with the beaches in La Jolla. The kids loved the ocean, and especially loved being able to enjoy it with cousins!

Diego wasn't sure how he felt about these waves that kept chasing him. But he was thrilled to have an endless supply of mud to trow into the ocean.

When he did go into the waves, he cried "HELP! HELP!" as soon as the wave touched his ankles.

And this is Brooklyn's dismayed little face after getting knocked down by a strong little wave, and swallowing more that a mouthful of the Pacific Ocean. Yuck!

Poor Issac was the next victim, but he handled it like an expert!

Aside from Jason's sand writing, he enjoyed the beach from a distance to keep the teething baby dry and happy. Wipe outs and all, the kids loved the beach! I loved taking my own family to the same place where we had FHE each summer monday when I was growing up!
Happiness does not depend on what happens outside of you, but on what happens inside of you.

Harold B. Lee