Friday, October 31, 2008

tag 2- crazy eights!

No- I have not been cleaning for 7 hours. I cleaned for 1 hour, chatted with my awesome visiting teachers , had a mini surprise visit from Sylvia , went to a carnival at a nursing home, came home and saw Jessie strolling to guitar class, went to guitar class (even though I don't have a guitar... Yes Michigan friends, it has just gotten worse since my 'go to book club without reading the book' days!), came home, put kids to bed, ate dinner with Jas, had the 'What if you/I die tomorrow?' discussion, decided we must not die, and finally I returned to blogging.

I decided to tag Jason- so here are his answers to
TAG #2
as dictated to lucia

8 TV shows I like (liked) to watch:

1. Office
2. 24
3. heroes
4. Life
5. Gi Joe
6. Transformers
7. Sports Center
8. CNN

8 Restaurants I like to eat at:

1. Rancheritos
2. KFC
3. Chipotle
4. McDonalds
5. Red Lobster
6. Sams club
7. sizzler
8. Ramirez

8 things that happened today:

1. Heard presentations for new boss
2. advised students
3. ate free lunch
4. got a grip of pens and paper FREE from the bookstore
5. rode the bus
6. talked to a stranger
7. went potty in the public bathrooms @ BYU
8. went to class

8 things I am looking forward to:

1. Birthday
2. Going to bed
3. Going potty
4. end of school
5. San Diego for christmas
6. Rexburg offering me a job one day
7. Owning a house in Rexburg
8. Eating at Ramirez in Rexburg.

8 things on my wish list:

1. Audi TT
2. Lucia not to die. Ever. For me to die before her.
3. World peace.
4. To be able to slam dunk one day, just once.
5. Diego to become an amazing soccer star.
6. A massive raise
7. MSU would freakin' go to a BCS bowl game.
8. Visit every country in the world at least twice.

I tried really hard to just be a scribe, not a contributor... hehe, jason does enjoy going to the bathroom. Men.

oh yeah, and Jason says that he tags BENJAMIN FORSYTH!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dito Kilger...

There are a lot of tags going around my blogger circle... so here go 2 more. Doing these is more appealing than cleaning my house... maybe i'll do one, clean, then do the other.

TAG #1

Here are the rules: I have to answer the following questions with one word answers and one word only! Then I must pass it on to seven others.

1. Where is your cell phone? nonexistent

2. Where is your significant other? work

3. Your hair color? Brown

4. Your mother? Thoughtful

5. Your father? Humorous

6. Your favorite thing? socializing

7. Your dream last night? odd

8. Your dream/goal? missions

9. The room you're in? Living

10. Your hobby? creativity

11. Your fear? loss

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? abroad

13. Where were you last night? visiting

14. What you're not? rigid

15. One of your wish-list items? guitar

16. Where you grew up? california

17. The last thing you did? park

18. What are you wearing? pink

19. Your TV? disney

20. Your pet? Nope!

21. Your computer? SLOW

22. Your mood? procrastinatant

23. Missing someone? always

24. Your car? disheveled

25. Something you're not wearing? make-up

26. Favorite store? clearance

27. Your summer? confined

28. Love someone? many

29. Your favorite color? depends

30. When is the last time you laughed? today

31. Last time you cried? unknown

It's done?... okay, here goes picking up my house, well feeding the baby, then picking up the house.
In the mean time, you've probably done this--if not, have at it! It's fun!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A lovely day!

I had a great day!

The dishes were clean when I woke up.
My neighbor tended my babes while I exercised, showered, and blow dried my hair. (We trade off every other day- LOVE IT!)
Went visiting teaching- Both ladies had toys for my kids to play with, and the weather was perfect for the walk between appointments.
Enjoyed an impromptu play date while the kids played outside and a few ladies and I visited in the shade.
One of the above mentioned ladies was cleaning out her freezer and gave me a ziplock bag of the most delicious diced mangoes!
My kids looked SO cute in their costumes for J's work Halloween carnival. Jack-Jack was an adorable improvement on last year's costumes!
I carved a pumpkin for the first time since like... 1994.

I can't figure out where I put my camera to document any of this- but oh well. I'm basking too much to care.

"You've certainly got your hands full!"

I should start a tally of how many times I hear this phrase- but it wouldn't be accurate, because I've already heard it too many times to count. This last time the woman added a "little lady" on the end for good measure. I like it when people switch it up a little bit. I usually reply with something like, " Yep, it's the best kind of busy." And I mean it too.

Meanwhile, on a side note, I keep hoping someone drop me the sarcastic line of "Don't you know where babies come from?" so that I can use this AWESOME line from my friend Emily's grandmother:

"Well, i'm not sure, but I think it has something to do with sneezing because every time I sneeze, someone says 'God bless you' -- and then He does."

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


This guy was a little fussy yesterday, and for good reason, seeing as a sharp little baby tooth was making its grand entrance. Aww, my baby is growing up. I couldn't get a good picture, but trust me, it's in there and this little grin has begun the process of becoming a Toothy Grin!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So, my internet privilges have been revoked...

because Jason just can't trust all the other internet people to refrain from getting me paranoid about silly things. Okay well, clearly not REALLY revoked but theoretically revoked.
Here's how it started:

- Noticing unusual smells
- Queezyness
(are you thinking what I am thinking?)
- Slight freak-out (the "caught of guard" variety, not the "OH NO" kind, just to clarify)
Pregnancy test: negative
- Tugging of the *family* heart strings while listening to the living prophet at general conference.
-Feeling a pulse in my belly button that I have only noticed during pregnancy
- Crying over nothing... twice.
- Random prickly feeling in the bottom of my lungs- another thing that has only happened when I have been expecting.
Second pregnancy test: Nothin'! (though I wised up and bought the 2 pack)
- Saw a clip of a lifetime movie where a woman thought she was pregnant but it was cancer
-Jason's response :" oh brother"
- I then found this little treasure on the WEB : "The motion of the child is regarded by women of experience as an unfailing sign. But cases are common where the throbbing of a tumor and other causes have been mistaken for fetal movements," ... and so naturally I sent it to Jason, to which he replied,

"That's it, I'm revoking your internet privileges"

So there you have it. Meanwhile, i've been a girl for all eternity, and been in this body for a couple decades now, yet the inner workings of being a girl are still a mystery to me. Despite this, i'm so glad to be a woman, 'cause how boring would life be otherwise!

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Blog comments!

Okay, so I have two problems with blog commenting.

1.) I hardly ever comment on blogs because I can't do it right from google reader- Does anyone know a way to leave comments without having to open a new window for every blog I check??

2.) I never know when someone has commented on my blog, but other people seem to always know when there is a new comment on their blog. Every once in a while I happen upon a comment on an old post that I never knew about. Is there a way to change the settings or something so I get a notice when someone comments on my blog?

A little quirky...

Amanda tagged me!!
Here are the rules:
Link the Person who Tagged you.
Mention rules on your blog.
Tell about 6 quirks of yours.
Tag 6 fellow bloggers to do the same. Leave a comment on their blog to let them know.

Lucia's Quirks

#1. My taste buds never tire of flavors I love hence: when watermelon is in season, I will eat it for breakfast, lunch, and all the meals in between. For that same reason, it is not uncommon to find me sitting down to a bowl of pickles.

#2. I will let my house get A LOT messier than most folks before it bothers me enough to do something about it.

#3. My mind frequently wanders off to random things. Jason can tell by "The Look" on my face that I have gone on a silent tangent, and asks what I am thinking about- usually it's about 4-8 topics off from what we were originally talking about.

#4. I am very easily intimidated by regular tasks. For example: Taking prenatal vitamins- I can't get over the pressure of needing them EVERY SINGLE DAY, and the guilt when I inevitably miss a week... or a month... or a whole pregnancy.

#5. Oh, this one is a good one! I can't stand when things are stacked unevenly, thus making it inevitable that this next item will cause the pile to come crashing down on me. No, seriously, I really can't take it. The closest I ever come to cursing is when I put something on a shelf, and it falls back at me because the other stuff on the shelf is out of place. I am actually cringing just thinking about it.

#6. I always call my close friends "Dude" even if they are a dudette.

I will TAG Sylvia, Emily, Kelly, Jessie, Megan, Ginger, and whoever else thinks this would be fun!! You dudes are "IT"

Thursday, October 02, 2008

the next best thing

Since only a lucky few of you have actually been able to play with my SWEET little guy in person- here's the next best thing. Without further ado, I bring to you (drum roll please) Athen, in his almost live internet debut:

Note: yes, he's this cute and this happy every day- so if you happen to be a movie, commercial, or magazine producer spending valuable time and money trying to get a fussy baby to be happy for your camera: sorry about your life.
Happiness does not depend on what happens outside of you, but on what happens inside of you.

Harold B. Lee