Friday, August 30, 2013

Tutorial: SUIT OF ARMOR (no sew)

You will need: 

2   Reflective windshield shades                          $2 (dollar store)
Cardboard                                                             Free                
Empty gallon milk jug                                          Free
Tin foil                                                                  $1 (you probably have enough on hand)  
Duct/reflective tape                                               $1- $10 (I had a roll of reflective tape on hand but                                        dollar store duct tape is probably fine)
Black sharpie                                                        Free (had one)
Yarn for hat plume                                               Free  (had some)

1- Take the first reflective window shield and cut out a hole for the head. The hole you just cut out will then be cut in half and taped to the shoulders using reflective tape. We drew the black lines to make it look like a full oval on each side, but it was really just half. Clever eh?

Next, we cut out a zigzag along the bottom of the next reflective sun shade, and cut strips part way up, decorating with black sharpie designs. The triangles we cut out of the bottom were taped back on to make the sun design on the front of the suit.

The sun shades came with elastic and little suction cups, so we made a button-like closure tying the suction cup to the elastic, and cutting a button hole on the opposite end (reinforce with duck tape). If you look closely at the above picture, you can see the little black elastic with a suction cup tied to it on the righthand side. This is also how we closed the top, though we had to make a hole for the elastic and suction cup for the top of the suit. 

The shield and sword are cardboard covered in tinfoil and reflective tape. We ended up taping a stick to the sward to keep it firm, then covering again in tape.  My friend wrinkled up strips of brown paper bag, and wrapped the handle to look like leather.

And for the back of the shield, we made an arm loop with duck tape, and hand grip with a milk jug handle.

Here's the rest of that milk jug, top and handle cut off, and covered in reflective tape, with a plume of red yarn at the top for good measure. I cut a slit in the back so it would fit an adult head, but it would be just right for a kid without the slit. I wish I would have made the helmet front a thin rectangle to cover the nose, because it would have looked cooler, but overall it far exceeded my expectations!

I had great creative helpers and this only took us about an hour.  Good luck!! 

The trip to Dubai

Here is me with my awesome friend Laura who volunteered her 12 passenger van as our transportation to the airport. I was really skeptical that 12 suitcases, 6 carry-ons, 6 backpacks, and all 6 of us would fit but she worked her packing magic (and I mean magic!) and got it all in with a little room to spare. We did this the night before so we could just wake up and go!

And here the boys are making shadow puppets as the sun came up in the airport. 

 And just look who was waiting for us at our layover in Dallas! Kristen just moved to Dallas and surprised us with her beautiful self, and even lunch at the airport! She stayed with us until we were all loaded on Emirates, and pulling away to Dubai. I love this girl so much!

And 14 hours of the BEST AIRLINE THERE IS later, we were on the other side of the world and waiting again in airport lines in Dubai. Lincoln was having none of it and it's a good thing the flight was smooth sailing because this tantrum while trying to get through customs with all our stuff almost did me in.

But lo and behold, we made it though the airport, loaded THREE taxis with our stuff, and made our way to the hotel. It is beautiful, and fancy, and relaxing and perfect.

It had all these space age switches, and I still am not sure how to turn on which light. I just start pushing these buttons, and hope something works. The little silver light turns on with skin contact, cool huh?

Here are the boys after exchanging their $20 traveling money in dirhams. They were so excited to have $70 dirhams, and these nifty quicksilver wallets the airline gave all the kids.

It also happens to be a perfect time to be in this hotel because August is Very Important Kids month, so they get free pizza and ice cream EVERY day! We will be sad to see August end, since we will still be here into September. The restaurant staff are like our second family here. They see us every morning and afternoon, and know us all by name, and spoil our kids like crazy. I'll have to get a picture before we leave!

Oh, and our hotel is connected to a giant mall, where we go almost every day because it has the grocery store, and fun stuff for kids (Dora Live! was there for our first week), and a theatre, and cheaper restaurants than the hotel, and an Ikea, and this fun free little boat ride.

Overall, we are doing great and LOVE it here! We love you all! We'll keep you posted on the house hunt!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saying 'See ya later'

My goodness, what a busy few weeks it has been!

First off, Jason graduated last friday! Hooray! I was so proud of him, and so glad Lincoln held out his tantrum until after we got to see Jason walk. I was also a little too eager to cut out early and secretly thankful for the excellent excuse of a crying kid because it was going to me LONG and hectic trying to keep four young kids entertained and well behaved for such a formal, and let's face it, boring event. However, seeing Jason graduate was anything but boring, so I'm glad it was towards the beginning. (Well, that guy who wears the feather plumed hat and waves the mace is pretty cool too.)
And since we had to check out of our house the morning of graduation, it was a pretty crazy week! And it looked like this most of the time:
But other than the constant mess, it was a pretty cool time. We spent time with friends, and had as many parties as we could squeeze in! A couple going away parties, a graduation party, last dinner in america party (aka. come eat korean food with us ) and TWO parties with the girls from church. 

Oh and not to forget this fun day, where i got to go with my good friend to do baptisms for her first time ever at the temple, then delicious indian food afterwards. 

More to come...
Happiness does not depend on what happens outside of you, but on what happens inside of you.

Harold B. Lee