Wednesday, December 12, 2007

13 Days until Christmas!

This has been such a fun and busy month so far! I LOVE Christmas time! Here's a list of my favorite Christmas-y things this year!
1-! This is me after all, so of course the first thing on my list is related to bargain hunting! Hooray for way marked down toys, free shipping, and the joy of tracking tons of packages! Today our Christmas packages are in Knoxville, Pocatello, Doraville, and Richmond! How exciting!

2- Christmas decorating on a budget! This year my new addition is a wreath made from green paper, hot glue, ribbon and plastic ornaments!. (pictures coming)

3- Sunshine! It feels like the ever dear to my heart sunny San Diego Christmas of my youth! It's been in the 70's all week!

4- Wait- this should be number one, but since I already have a one, this will be...

.25- The first presidency Christmas Devotional! By far, my favorite part of the Christmas season! Our ward had a nativity social beforehand and we had yummy treats and looked at over 100 different nativities! I think my favorites were the kid-friendly lego nativity, and the felt board nativity!The kids loved the craft table- you can entertain a child for hours with just a few pipe cleaners!
Hope you all (Okay, fine i'll say it!) Ya'll are having a wonderful December too!


Alyson said...

I love the black and white family picture! CUTE!!!!!!!!

The Flynn's said...

cute picture lucia. we miss you guys so much. I hope the kid are feeling better this week!

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