Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's almost time! Camera's are ready!

Get seats before they are gone!


Brooklyn with "oh-rock Obama", the president of the "nided states"

We loved the inauguration, and I really loved the president's speech. It is amazing to me that 12 years before Jason was born, interracial marriage was illegal. And yet yesterday, I could watch that inauguration with my beautiful interratial babies, and be tasting the sweet fruits of the courageous and loving acts of people like Matin Luther King Jr.

I thought of a video clip where MLK Jr. was telling about an amusement park that his family often passed by, and his little girl always wanted to visit. Just like when we pass Lagoon, and Brooklyn is awestruck by the huge colorful rides; kids are drawn to stuff like that. And then he went on to say that their little girl kept asking about it and trying to figure out why they had never gone. They had sheltered her from the truth as long as they could, but their answers weren't enough, so they were forced to exlpain. Brooklyn knows that when she is bigger, she will be able to go to Lagoon, and she mentions it each time we pass, and my heart sank as I thought of my little angel, and tried to fatham how you would go about explaining to someone so young and full of love and innocence that the people didn't like her brown skin, so she couldn't ever go. Can you even imagine? I feel so grateful that I never have to have that conversation with her, she will not live under the shadow of such blatent and systematic hate. And this little blip of a glance at the past gives me a greater appreciation for the bitter steps that thousands of others took, that changed the course of their future, which is my present.

I have high hopes that we will have courage to face the hard choices of OUR day, from the very small to the very large , and that we will likewise witness miracles great and small, and go on to leave our little ones a world with an increasing amount of love.


Jessie said...

This is a beautiful post Lucia! Happy Inauguration day.

AbueloG said...

Not to denigrate your heartfelt comments, nor what good MLK did, but I lived then, and it would not have been illegal in S.D., your grandfather, and mine, lived through it in E.P. (to lesser amount possibly)as did I. I remember the looks and comments made to your Mother, and I, where you were born. Sometime let me tell some of what is in your heritage as a Chicanita.

jenn said...

loved that post! you've been a bloggin' queen lately! and what a great day tuesday was!

The Clanton Gang said...

I agree 100%!! O-rock Obama (Wesley calls him that too--how funny!) and I do not share political views so I didn't vote for him, but I do like Obama as a person. I was glued to the television the entire day and I was an emotional wreck! Life will be a bit more difficult for our Wesley because of the color of his skin, but I can't help but be grateful to live in a time where it's okay for a white family to adopt a black son. I think Obama being president will make life easier for him, and I'm grateful for that!

Cherice said...

I couldn't help watch the inauguration with similar feelings of awe, amazement, awareness that the sacrifices of people in the past had made this present possible. I, also experienced a heartfelt appreciation that at least some of them (like the Reverend who gave the prayer) had lived to see the fruits of their labors. It was also a bit surreal to realize that I was witnessing a momentous day in history, but that had I not made a point to participate, it could have easily passed me by. I wonder how many of us fully realize the significance of any given present moment.

Happiness does not depend on what happens outside of you, but on what happens inside of you.

Harold B. Lee