Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Waking up!

So, it's no coincidence that I've had 4 months of morning sickness/extreme fatigue and 4 months of blog neglect. The past couple weeks, I've begun to wake up from survival mode and remember that it wasn't always like that, and I would eventually feel like myself again. That's common sense right? No. With each pregnancy, even common sense is lost for a while. But the dawn is breaking! Hooray!

Saturday was: A major freak out realizing what exactly happens to a house where only the RAW essentials of housekeeping are done so my limited energy can go to the peoples inside the messy house.

Sundaywas spent: Resting. Enjoying tender mercies from heaven. Hope, even opptimism!

Monday was spent: Gathering organizing supplies, and a day out at the movies with the kids. Taking 3 little kids to the movies during nap time by myself is further proof that I have regained my ambition! And it was even fun! Finally, getting a bed off my porch and delivering it to a friend- without even Jason around to help!

Today I: Went to town with just 3 of my 10 new storage buckets and put away halloween costumes, christmas decor, outgrown baby clothes, too big summer clothes, and random stacks of bedding. I also washed the dried mustard painting off my favorite bed spread from a praticularly artsy 3 year-old about 3 1/2 weeks ago. Yee-haw!

Welcome back world, I'm glad to see you. (But please don't drop in until further notice, as 4 months of housework neglect is one thing, but an audience is mortifying! Seriously, it's too grevious even for a nasty before picture, because I want you all to still be my friends.)

Meanwhile, you can look forward to posts about our Thangsgiving in Orlando, my sister's wedding, Christmas and New Years in Idaho, and in about a week you'll get to hear the OFFICIAL gender of baby #4, the adorable little culprit of all this fatigue, since apparently the last ultrasound was too soon, even though it looked obvious to Jason and I.

Love ya all!

PS: I saw a tutorial for THIS luciously beautiful do-it-yourself headboard, and I would SO be making it if the wall behind my bed wasn't plaster over brick. But what do you think Sochi, wouln't this look lovely behind your bed? Maybe we should tackle it next time I'm in Idaho!


Amanda said...

Welcome back! How I have missed you...not just because of your morning sickness, although I am glad you've gotten past that, but also cause you were in Idaho for forever!
I love that headboard by the way. =)

JamesandXochi said...

yep it is cute! could definitely use a headboard, but James does not like the chair on that post at all- he is so funny!

tzennibah said...

The chair is girly. But I do love the headboard.

Jami and James said...

I'm glad you're feeling better Lucia. I haven't updated my blog for awhile either, but I don't have the excuse you do! I'm missing all the Provo 6th ward ladies! Is there going to be a bunco this month?

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