Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Things I would have taken a picture of this week had my camera not been broken by a toddler.

My camera is broken, so here's what I would have taken pictures of IF it was functioning.

This is my pregnant belly- trust me, it has grown. I am starting to suspect there's not enough room in this body for the both of us. Also, I'm getting a little nervous about surgery- mostly the panic attack I get after the spinal block/losing control of my body from the ribs down, but before going loopy and thus contented. Well, and also the whole taking care of a newborn while skin, muscles and a major organ are trying to grow back together.
Mostly though, I'm excited to meet the little guy, and SO excited it is so soon!

This past weekend we drove to Ft. Collins to check out CSU and for Jason's assistantship interview. Naturally I was in constant alertness for possible signs of labor as we drove though the random snow storm that would have really spiced up the trip. But now we are back, and it was a great trip! The city/school/ ward were all lovely and the hotel had cable so the kids were fantastically content.

And last but not least, Jason is bringing me entertainment to no end with a new pedometer challenge at work. He lost it at the park last night and spend an hour walking back and forth across the park, getting more aggravated with each uncounted step he had to take before he found it. You would have thought he lost a diamond as opposed to the little $3 plastic thingy. The pedometer was found and now Jason can return to his all day potty dance that is his effort to get in more steps. I'm counting on that to distract me while I'm on the operating table.


Jessie said...

I love the pictures... especially the one of Jason, his thought bubble totally cracks me up. :) I'm glad you didn't go into labor on your trip, and also glad that you liked Colorado. If you have to move, I'm glad it will at least be to a place you like. :)

Taryn said...

Wow, Jason has lost a lot of weight. It also looks like he lost some color. Is he pulling a Michael Jackson on us? Or maybe Jason is a shape-shifter. Wow, Lucia, you have all the luck!

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