Saturday, June 19, 2010

My very own catch 22

My sweet hubby has been bringing me treats... A LOT. Probably not because grew so fond of those few weeks of weighing less than I do. Not that he minded, or at least mentioned it to me that he minded rather, I think its because of the reaction he gets when I see them- I have been SO sugar crazy, and they are a BEAUTIFUL sight and I love them! ( Deliciocity wrapped in a creamy, carmel, chocolatey, energy pick-me-up bundle!) Who doesn't love to be the bearer of good news? Meanwhile I am getting into a dangerous cycle.

Caring for a newborn + 3 small children
NO desire to expend energy (and annoying post surgery repurcussions and stress when I DO)
(enter sweet tooth)

I can't help but think a little exasperated sigh at people who tout breastfeeding as a huge weight loss help. Granted, if I wasn't nursing I'd probably be gaining a lot more that those 6-7 permanent lbs in that first few months, and those 300+ free calories are great, but I think even fantastically happy exhaustion takes it's toll ( and it is not helping my wardrobe options either).
Okay- so that is what is in my head this week, well that and the fact that i'm in need of divine intervention as far as what in the world to do about the tantrums in my house ( my own desire to tantrum included)
Perhaps i'll buck up and follow jason's lead by spending some quality time with our exercise bike, Wes, after the sun goes down each night.

But, that's enough of my anxieties! The truly great endnote is that I have this adorable little bit of heaven to enjoy all day, cuddle close to me every 2 hours (and then some just for the fun of it),

and 3 more little angels in their own right who can't get enough of him either and like to announce to me that he's the "greatest baby in the world." And no to forget one big, but not that big husbandish angel who knows I'm stressed and brings me king size Twixes, and the occasional mint chocolate chip ice cream.

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Jessie said...

Mmm, treats. I'm thinking about making some chocolate chip cookies right now, myself. And thus, I do not lose weight while nursing, either... oh well. That is very sweet of Jason, though, to bring you yummy things just to see how happy it makes you. :)

On the tantrum front, I have no idea. Janey has recently taken to throwing herself on the floor and crying, which last week resulted in a pulled-out elbow... you'd think she'd learn, but no, she continues to do it. Ugh. Seriously. If you figure it out, let me know.

Happiness does not depend on what happens outside of you, but on what happens inside of you.

Harold B. Lee