Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saying 'See ya later'

My goodness, what a busy few weeks it has been!

First off, Jason graduated last friday! Hooray! I was so proud of him, and so glad Lincoln held out his tantrum until after we got to see Jason walk. I was also a little too eager to cut out early and secretly thankful for the excellent excuse of a crying kid because it was going to me LONG and hectic trying to keep four young kids entertained and well behaved for such a formal, and let's face it, boring event. However, seeing Jason graduate was anything but boring, so I'm glad it was towards the beginning. (Well, that guy who wears the feather plumed hat and waves the mace is pretty cool too.)
And since we had to check out of our house the morning of graduation, it was a pretty crazy week! And it looked like this most of the time:
But other than the constant mess, it was a pretty cool time. We spent time with friends, and had as many parties as we could squeeze in! A couple going away parties, a graduation party, last dinner in america party (aka. come eat korean food with us ) and TWO parties with the girls from church. 

Oh and not to forget this fun day, where i got to go with my good friend to do baptisms for her first time ever at the temple, then delicious indian food afterwards. 

More to come...

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