Friday, June 23, 2017

A week in review

Friday 16th: Brooklyn had a sleepover with Elena. The relief society had a farewell party for some of the sisters leaving.  

Saturday 17th: Lucia went on a girls night to watch superwomen then went home forgetting to pickup Brooklyn till 10:30 pm

Sunday 18th: Fathers day! All the kids worked together to clean the cars. Brooklyn was in charge of babysitting the boys and putting them to bed.

Monday 19th: The power went out so we had to evacuate because it was getting to hot.

Tuesday 20th: We went to RAK for Thai food and swimming at the Cupps house! 

Wednesday 21st: Lucia and Jason date night in their room watching TV shows.

Thursday 22nd: Jason got his 4th emirates ID because he loses it that often.


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