Sunday, July 22, 2007


Well, to all 2 of you that read this (hehe) we miss you all terribly but are loving Georgia. I've always been a list person, so here goes...

Top Ten Favorite things about moving to Georgia

10. Warmth coupled with a healthy dose of A/C!

9. Trees. We thought Michigan was green, but whoa, we feel like we are living in the camp lodge here!

8. Our own personal washer and dryer. We were fine without one, but now we can(and did) potty train our daughter. Hooray!

7. Fun new church callings. Just as cool as our fun OLD callings, yet still exciting. Jason is liking ward mission work, and I have a blast in primary and cub scouts.
6. ATLANTA! A major airport, the Temple, Six flags, the Aquarium, and Ikea give us lots of fun stuff to do, and plenty of incentive for friends and relatives to visit!

5. Good employment, well, enough said.
4. Southern Food. Where else can you get fried chicken served with your waffle in the morning?
3. Did I already say Ikea?
2. Cheap rent and big bedrooms!
1. And the number one reason we love it here is that we feel right where the Lord wants us to be!



Helgesen's said...

It has been a long time! We miss you guys here in Lansing. I am glad you have a blog! Keep in touch.

The Mauss Family said...

Yeah, I'm so glad you finally posted on your blog. I've checked it every once in awhile and had almost given up on you.;) We sure do miss you but it looks like you guys are doing great. Keep blogging!

Brynn said...

Hey! I found this thru facebook! I'm glad you're enjoying Georgia so much!! I'm glad you've got a blog too so I can check up on the Ratliffs!

Cherice said...

THIS was a cute post! LOVE the pix of Brooklyn in the green outfit. Glad to see (and hear) that you are so happy! Keep the posts coming!

Cherice said...

Oh, and the top pix of Diego is adorable too!

Rachel said...

Hey there! I also found this on facebook :) I actually started a blog's funny how once you have your own, you find out there are a ton of people you know who do as well :)

Anyways, I created a blog/ forum for mommies...I'm going to email you an invite to contribute to it. Check it out :)

Allison said...

I'm so glad you're blogging again! I love to read about what your family is up to. I'm glad you're loving Georgia. I miss you!

jenn said...

Finally noticed you have a blog! Love the pics and the list. Yay for IKEA!! There's one in SLC now. I'm going in 2 weeks!!

the Webbs said...

My son, Josh's first roller coaster ride was on the Ninja at Six Flags!! There are so many things I miss in the South. Have you taken your children to the Childrens' Museum, CNN, or to the Olympic Rings water fountain? We so loved Savannah and the beach, too. I am so happy about your new baby coming.

Happiness does not depend on what happens outside of you, but on what happens inside of you.

Harold B. Lee