Monday, March 24, 2008


My friend did this survey, and it looked like fun so here goes a survey about my sweet husband!

What is your husband's name? Jason
How long have you been together? August will mark 5 years.
Who said I love you first? So here's how it went- I kind of freaked out and broke up with him after a DTR ( define the relationship) where I realized he was serious, and I was terrified! But the absence of him for the next 2 weeks made me realize that I was WAY more attached than I had realized. I finally figured out that I wanted to claim 'dibs' on him him FOREVER and so I went to his apartment, asked him to go for a walk with me . I was just going to talk it out, and find out if he might want to date again, but I was too excited! So, we barely even get across the street and here comes the L word( in the *romantic* location of the STOP sign in front of the MC):
Lucia: Guess what?
Jason: What?
Lucia: I LOVE you!
Jason: Really? Because I totally love you too.

And that was that. I love that he added a "Totally"

Who is smarter? He always tells me I am, but I don't see how that can be. I think he's basing that on the content of stuff I learned in my good suburb schools vs. what was available in his struggling big-city schools. That said, he's one smart cookie, plus he works harder, so there's definitely something in his brain that's wired a little tighter than mine, since he actually DOES his homework, and goes to class!
Who does the housework? We both do housework, I am home A LOT more, so I might do a little more, but not nearly as much more as I could, and probably should.
Who sleeps on the right? Me
Who pays the bills? We both take care of it.
Who cooks dinner? We usually make it together, it's so fun!
Who drives when you are together? I do, unless we are crunched for time and I need to apply make-up on the way.
Who is more stubborn? I am, most of the time.
Who kissed who first? It was so cute- he was gently stroking my hair, and lightly kissing my forehead, and I couldn't resist!I looked up and planted and big one smack on his lips. He was definitely surprised, but clearly happy about it because he kissed me right back.
Who asked out who first? My best friend and roommate,Taryn, set up a double for us with he and his roommate. He initiated the one-on-one dating after that.
Who proposed and how? Jason. He had the guys in the dorms spell out "Will you marry me" in black paint across their chests. ( So funny! Especially the "?" because the guy on the end was black,and the paint wouldn't show up, so they painted on him with bright white paint. Classic!)
Who has more siblings? Me.
Who wears the pants? Jason likes to issue an arbitrary, or ridiculous "Decree" now and then, but all in fun and usually to voice objection to something inevitable like assembling toys in the midnight hours preceding Christmas.

This was fun! My husband is so awesome!! I recommend doing something like this about your sweetie!

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Lucia- insert creative nickname said...

I LOVE this pic of Jason!!

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