Friday, March 28, 2008

Moving memories

-Every time Diego heard the "Fasten you seatbelt" *ding* sound on the airplane, he would perk up and say, "Pizza's Ready!!"

- With each toy that the moving guys would bring into the new house, Brooklyn and Diego would get so excited! It was like Christmas morning.

- "Jason is wondering what he will smell like in 7-10 business days." This was J's facebook status when the washer (which broke en route) repair man had to order a new motor.

16 days of washer in transit
5 days of waiting for it to "thaw" before plugging it in
2 days to realize it wasn't working right
4 days establishing warranty/contacting fridgedaire/ setting up appointment
1 day to establish what was wrong
4 days for the new motor to arrive
Way too long without clean clothes! (yes, we did wash our clothes, it was just time consuming and inconvenient!)

- $25 in Direct TV credit card charges. So worth it for the kids to watch Dora and Diego on both plane rides!

- A huge "full size" rental car in GA, vs the little tiny "full size" in UT.

- The flight attendant looking at Diego, and telling Jason, "SHE has a beautiful smile!" then acting dismayed at his surprised pause. She assumed it was perfectly clear what she meant- "I was referring to your bride." Very sweet of her, though.

- Stake president Bradley in GA, shaking Jason's hand: " So I heard you got a job at BYU."
Jason: Yeah, we are going in a couple weeks
Prisident Bradley: "You dirt bag!"


JamesandXochi said...

So fun.
I think you need to mention the interesting tactic of the Utah rental car company to charge you a whole bunch extra.
We love you guys!

Bonny said...

about stake pres: hah!

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