Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blog Therapy

I really don't mean this to be a "my life is so hard" blog, rather, I'm finding it speeds up the process of "we'll laugh at this one day" and helps me laugh today as I'm handling all sorts of sticky situations. Even if you don't have a blog, I recommend taking pictures of the REALLY big messes. Half the time, I realize it was not that big of a deal as soon as it comes on my little camera screen, and the rest of the time it gives me a sense of accomplishment when it might look like I haven't done anything during the day.

I might have only spent 15 minutes total on the kitchen and living room, but if you don't see spaghetti on the kitchen floor, or an abandoned diaper in the toy room, or broken eggs in the toy kitchen, or groceries on the kitchen table, or cereal on the floor- well, that means I have had a pretty successful day. So for all reading this:I'm feelin' pretty good about life.
Isn't he cute? He makes the biggest messes but is also a great cleaner! BTW I scored that adorable Saks outfit for only $8 (plus $5 for the saddle shoes).


Kelly Shoroye said...

Amazing deal on the outfit, I have been perusing the local DI and second hand shops for cute suits for Ayo, who new boys could be as much fun to dress as girls. He is such a cutie!!!! Hope to see you guys in Oct.

tzennibah said...

He kinda looks like Dad with that cheesy grin.

AbueloG said...

Todos los muchachos son muy guapo.
Y-- Srita tzennibah-- que "cheesy grin"

The Flynn's said...

Diego looks so cute! Livi was talking the other day about coming over to your house and making sock puppets. The girls sure miss Brooklyn and I miss having such a great social life with my next door neighbors!

Amanda said...

Hello friend!
Very cute blog...what do you mean you aren't very good at this stuff?! Your kids really are so adorable, and you have such a cute sense of humor - I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. Now we can be friends in real life and in cyberspace...Hooray for technology!

Happiness does not depend on what happens outside of you, but on what happens inside of you.

Harold B. Lee