Thursday, August 14, 2008

Unsolved Mystery

Does anyone have an answer to the roaming kitchen chair problem?

It's pretty mysterious, I suspect that my kitchen chairs have a life of their own and are moving to other locations :
- The cupboards
- The entertainment center
- The kitchen sink
- The freezer

And then leaving messes in their wake :

- A bag of sugar puffs dumped onto floor
- The DVDs in disarray
- The faucet's sprayer on and drenching the kitchen floor/ counter tops/ stove
- Distributing Fudgesicles to the indigenous little folks.

If you have any clues that may lead to the solving of this mystery, please notify me immediately, also, if you happen to know a way to magnetize wooden chairs to ceramic tile, that would be helpful too.


Kristen, Spencer, Brendan, and Isaac said...

Lucia, perhaps you have a friendly ghost! Or it could be "Not Me" from the old comic...was it called Family Circle?

Lucia- insert creative nickname said...

Hehe, I love that comic! I just realized what I really need is to buy a booth- the restaurant kind, where the table is bolted to the wall, and the bench is bolted to the floor... hmm... i'll have to look into it.

tzennibah said...

I think you may need to tie up those indigenous children.

RickW said...

In our household it's the elves that do it. :)

ALYN said...

So we recently got 2 barstools. Now the munchkins have more reach...

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