Thursday, December 11, 2008

Family Resemblance?

My family must have mostly dominant traits because we have a very strong resemblance to each other. I never really noticed it in my extended family, but today I saw this picture of my cousin making some delicious tamales for Christmas.
Can you tell which one is my cousin?

Maybe this is just in my head,really, is it just me, or does my cousin totally look like me?

Either way, (she'll hate me for calling her out like this!) she is so beautiful- you'd never guess she'd been slaving away for HOURS upon HOURS. Have you ever made tamales? Hard work! And yet, still so lovely!


jenn said...

um, yeah! i thought it WAS a picture of you!

Amanda said...

She totally does look like you! What a lucky girl =).


AbueloG said...

Creo que esta muchacha, si she looks como you, pero tambien she looks as if she is related to Danielita, and since she looks like usted, she looks like X, and you look like Tah, and Bah, so you all look alike???

Luckily you all just kinda look related/but not same-same as your dad(s)

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