Monday, December 08, 2008

Flashbacks to 5th grade

October, 5th grade: I won the honor of Best Haunted House in our much anticipated graham cracker Halloween project. Mostly I incorporated all the other kids' ideas that I liked into one haunted mansion. I felt bad for winning, and still remember my friends mom making me feel better by telling me that the talent to improve an existing idea is very impotant in society, and a lot of the best developments in civilization have been making something good into something better. Many years later, I still don't feel very original, but still have fun building on the shoulders of more creative folks.

Dec 2008: In a more relaxed, non-competitive setting, we combined with some folks for family night and made Christmas houses. I think I should do elementary school crafts more often!

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jenn said...

i think you are oh-so-creative and original! funny that you don't think you are b/c those are two of the top 10 words i would use to describe you. your gingerbread house is fantabulous, by the way.

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Harold B. Lee