Wednesday, May 20, 2009

check out the DO!

To say I like positive feedback as much as the next guy is true,
.... Unless that "next guy" happens to be Jason, in which case, he appreciates it MUCH more than I do. I've been brushing up on Chapman's Love Languages today and remembering that Jason is totally a "Words of Affirmation" type of fellow. So, keep that in mind for this next post, and feel free to leave lots of comments, since they go right to his inbox as well as mine!

And now, the many hair stylings of Jason

Jason has been downright anxious for me to post these pictures! He has been growing out his hair for quite some time for lack of a good barber, but he found a couple months back and got this tapered fro (which looks a little like the sillouhette of "Squidward" to me, or a fish bowl or something ...hehe, Jason is so entertaining!),

and after some more length accrued he got CORN ROWS or, as Brooklyn likes to call them, Carrot Rows! If you ask Diego, Daddy just got a "looooong haircut"He kept them for a week an a half, and then was tired of them, but it was cool anyways. Way cooler than the first time he got cornrows (which was in our first year of marriage, and I almost didn't recognize him, and it kind of freaked me out at first) . This was kind of fun, especially because he was so excited to get them.

But the greatest part was taking them out because of this AWESOME fro-hawk!

and this very pooofy hair...

And my personal favorite, these lucious little curlies the next day! People always ask my how Brooklyn got her curls, and are amazed when I say it is from Jason. I guess most people don't realize the Jason's fro is just SOOO curly that it would have to be significatly relaxed to be straight enough to produce ringlets. Two weeks of being held straight in braids is enough relaxing to produce ringlets about 1/8 the size of Brooklyn's tight curls. I just loved playing with his little strands of hair that stuck straight out and looked like they had been curled around a bobby pin. The picture does not do it any justice, but I hope you enjoyed the FRO 101 in any case.


Sylvia said...

I thought Jason's hair was so cool on Sunday!

Leslie said...

You already took them out? I'll have to tell Tim. He's been looking forward to the corn rows and he only got to enjoy them for 1 Sunday. He'll be sad. :( I personally like the fro best.

JamesandXochi said...

We love the many styles of your hair. You are a great example to James who is terrified of trying a new do. Perhaps now he will be willing to try just a small change, probably not corn rolls, but maybe fau hawk =)

tzennibah said...

I LOVE the ringlets!!!

I really wanted to see the corn rows. Alas it was not to be.

Jami and James said...

I like these styles much better then the time James came home with a mullet!

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