Sunday, May 03, 2009

Well, I had a very busy week with a trip to Idaho, the circus, illness, some yucky messes, a niece's birthday, playing with puppies, meeting a new niece, putting together a photobook, a walking baby, and missing Jason, but I have very little to show for it! So, you go ahead and imagine all the fun times and craziness while I imagine what my house would look like if I could muster the desire to put it all back together. Meanwhile, Jason is sick with some mysterious body aches and severe fatigue. I've nicknamed him PD. Pan-Demic, although without the fever or other symptoms, i'm pretty sure it is one of the million other viruses going around and keeping us from church today, yet again!


Kelly Shoroye said...

Yea!!! you are back I have to say seeing Alysons pictures of you guys made me miss you sooooooo much! We will be there in Oct. and we will probably get our own place here in Vegas in Sept, and you guys can visit!!!! and of course stay with us!!! We could even watch your kids while you guys PARTY :) Love yu all tons!

Middleton Family said...

I feel your pain! Hope Jason gets better soon!

Amanda said...

What a busy lady! How was the circus? Is Athen walking?? Can't wait to see it! Hope PD gets better soon! How about cold and flu season is over now!!

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