Friday, July 24, 2009

My shopping spree!

I have always liked my mommy-in-law. First off, she brought about my really great husband and gets eternal props for that. However, less than 48 hours after we met, she took us to Disneyland (without even knowing how much I LOVE Disney, for that matter) , making our marriage feel more like the publishers clearing house sweepstakes.

So here we are, almost 6 years later, and the spoling continutes. Last week, she sent me a JCPennys birthday certificate which has been burning a hole in my pocket pretty much since it left my mailbox. Yesterday, I even did a dress reheasal, so to speak, on just to scope out the territory. The thought occured to me this morning to let that lovely little card remain on my fridge as a weight loss incentive- GREAT IDEA!! But too bad, so sad, I'm just not that patient and my $10 off coupon expires tommorow, so off I went while Jason spent his day off chasing the kiddies.

Anyways listen to all the stuff I got for LESS than $50 (about $3 less, any ideas what to do with the last little bit?) :

- A great pair of jeans that are actually long enough!
- A nice little black blouse (made out of t-shirt material, so cute AND comfy)
- A patterned silky blouse
- Some chocolate trousers
- A purple wrap-around shirt, reminiscant of my long lost favorite shirt of all time that met it's end back in '03.

I'm pretty sure the $29 jeans, and the $17 purple shirt were the most I have ever spent for jeans and a shirt, so my inner clearance addict doesn't want to take them from the hanger on the off chance that I might find something just as good for much less in future days, but even still, I loved* my day!

* Love (luv): v. strong like, not in any way resembling the feverish obsession of a shopoholic, for example.

Oh, who am I kidding, I LOVE a good bargain. My tombstone will probably read:

Lucia Ratliff
Found this
for 75% off.


Amanda said...

Ok, that is a butt-load of stuff for under $50!! I am seriously impressed. And I agree...I LOVE to get great things that are cute and comfortable (those 2 together are often hard to come by), for a super great deal!
Also, the tombstone thing is hilarious....

JamesandXochi said...

Wow great work! I hope my tombstone reads " Xochithl found this tombstone on the clearance plus an additional 50% off rack. Then she had a coupon and they doubled it, so they paid her. $1.25 to buy it- except she had a rebate so if she were still alive she would be getting $20 more back in the mail in approximately 12-16 weeks." I'm right there with you Sis on the deal plan. by the way, Did you get your rebate mailed off?

Amanda Nemelka said...

I don't think I ever knew how funny you are! Your posts are hilarious! I love a good bargain too, but I'm too impatient so I just don't shop at all.

tzennibah said...

Hooray for clearance!!!!!

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Harold B. Lee