Tuesday, August 04, 2009

All I want for christmas...and next christmas... and the next

Are her two front teeth!

Brooklyn took a fall into Diego's hard cranium and now her two front teeth have a case of the wiggles. No bleeding and not much pain, but they are definitely loose. The dentist's office said since they are baby teeth, there's not really anything to do but hope they tighten up, or pull them if they get discolored.

YIKETH! Poor Brooklyn might THpend the next couple yearTH wiTHing for her teeth to come in THo her liTHp can go away.

Time will tell...


Amanda said...

ok, brooklynn and nathan middleton should get together...cause he knocked his teeth loose too! dang, what is happening to our children! I hope those teeth tighten up!

JamesandXochi said...

better now than after her permanent teeth come in! I bet they will tighten back up, but just in case get lots of toothy grin photos right away! =)

Amanda Nemelka said...

if not, I can always help her out!

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