Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jason is a funny guy

I am always surprised when I hear people say that Jason seems so serious. Really? Are we talking about the same Jason? The man that wears bowties every tuesday without fail (and any other day he can get away with it) and liked sweater vests before they came back into style BECAUSE they were obviously not in style. The guy that forgot to pack his belt with his work clothes one morning, and promptly aquired a pair of suspenders, never to miss an opportunity to be a little awesome. This is also the guy that picked me up over his shoulders (when we were dating, mind you, not now with 3 babies and 7 weeks away from the next) and lollygaged across the lower quad BECAUSE the sprinklers were on. Jason who talked to the gas station attendant like they were old friends for a good 2 minutes only to follow it with "You don't remember me, do you? That's probably because I've never seen you before in my life. Have a good night though!"

*sigh* He's so entertaining, and I'm excited to add yet another little guy to follow in his silly ways, and even sport a few bowties.

For your enjoyment, here are a few of the pics we took for a special multi-media event at the ward talent show entitled "The cheesburger song"


Katie said...

LOL Jason IS hilarious! He told me about the cheeseburger video. I was hoping to see some picture of Diego doing his disco moves.

Catherine Hess said...

Ha! where did he get suspenders? He really is a funny guy. I LOVED it when you sang the cheeseburger song. What an amazing accent you can have! You should seriously talk like that all the time. I mean, I like the way you regularly talk and everything, but that accent was amazing!

article said...

Jason is definitely talented and funny! I really enjoed his cheeseburger song. And I always look forward to his bow ties.
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tzennibah said...

I LOVE the bow ties.

Cydnee Gee said...

Hey, I know that guy! He is funny! Love him too!and you too Lucia!

Amanda Nemelka said...

Wow - didn't know Jason and Jeff were so similar! If he EVER needs to borrow suspenders, let us know. Jeff seriously owns about 30 pairs. I'm excited you're getting closer to your due date! You look great.

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