Sunday, September 19, 2010

Go Falcons!!

Jason loves all sports, and I love going places that have a social element, so how is it we have never attended a sporting event together until this weekend?

We went to a Falcons game... with ALL the kids. And what a blast! Jason was in charge of logistics (tickets, schedule,parking, etc.) while I, of course, couldn't resist making everyone look cute for the event, I even threw in a crafty project for good measure. Jason, Brooklyn and I found clearance Tees for under $10, but three little boy falcon t-shirts for $17.99 each? Not happening, I object on principle. So.... $3 brown toddler T-shirts+ $3 cheap felt mini-flags+ iron-on transfer paper = Falcon Wear for the boys! Hooray! What a great start to the day. Add some glitter ribbons and facepaint and it turns out this sports thing could really grow on me.


garcias said...

I can't believe you didn't catch on to the sports thing sooner. You really know how to be a fan! Good job.

GGFB said...

great post

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