Monday, September 20, 2010

Athen's haircut!

This is not Athen's first haircut, but I understand everyone getting re-attached to his curls while they have been growing out all year. They are beautiful- even on a boy. But trying to convince as busy two-year-old to sit still so you can comb out ALL THE TANGLES in his hair is not beautiful. Nor was the mat of curly mess on the back of his adorable litle head, so it was time for a cut. Lucky us one of our new friends works in a salon!


Alyson said...

Adorable!!! You have such a cute family. Glad to hear all is going well :)

Word Imp said...

Young children having hair cuts! I remember it well. Or should I say, not so well. I wish someone would invent a doll with more "real" attributes. It would wriggle around when you are trying to dress it, pull clothes off as soon as they're put on, spit out food and refuse to have a hair cut. Now that would be good preparation for parenthood!

garcias said...

That matted curly mess isn't so cute. I say from experience. Xenia's hair has the perma matted patch in the back of her head, but I can't cut it. She is just getting a really tough head since she can't run away yet.

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