Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a quick list...

There's nothing like the smell of raw sewage coming from tour basement in the morning... but enough with the complaining, here is my top 10: Nice Things Lately

10- Pretty fall colors and raking leaves with the family.
9- I learned how to make cinnamon rolls!
8- Honey crisp apples
7- emails me my scripture study every morning.
6- The awesome people in my Sunday school class that make my week!
5- My kids ARE hilarious!
4- My baby thinks I am hilarious
3- The plumber cleaned up the sewage and bleached my basement. (and since we're renting we didn't have to deal with the the "how much is this going to cost?" panic!)
2- Teaching the preschoolers and kindergartners to sing Albuquerque Was A Turkey, and A Turkey Ran Away.
1- The holidays are upon us!!


Katie said...

Way to be optimistic!! I definitely just signed up for my own scripture emails. I never knew!

Mamados said...

Thank you for the link on scripture emails!

Catherine Hess said...

Oh Lucia! I miss you and your always cheerful positive outlook on life. I hope you are doing well! Email me your new address and I will send you a Christmas card! Love you!!!

doglover said...

MMMM.. Cinnimon Rolls sound good right about now! Way to keep on the sunny side of life! Darn it! Now I want eggs!

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