Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer lovin' had me a blast...

Well, not so much in the Grease sense of the phrase, but we are LOVIN' SUMMER and HAVING a BLAST! Oh, how I love summer! Here are some highlights so far:

Summer Camp! The older 3 kids have been going to various summer camps here and there and really loving it! I love that they get to do fun things, just be kids, be active, and that they don't have to slow down because of me. I also like the little pockets of one-on-one or at least one-on-two time I get with whoever is not at camp.

 Summer Reading! It's been fun having more time to be at the library, and more quiet time to just read stories. I also love that my kids are old enough to enjoy listening to books that I actually enjoy too. I have many favorite children books, but a person can only stand so much worrying from the little toy clown and toys and dolls, wondering if a train will ever help them get all their goodies to the good little boys and girls on the other side of the mountain. Seriously, that book is forever long. Right now we are all thoroughly enjoying Shannon Hale's The Princess Academy.

 Summer Weather! I love that that sun has come out in full warmth and we can enjoy warm days at the park, cool nights watching fireflies, hot days perfect for going to the Ice Cream Machine, and summer storms to cool it all off. Not to mention that nice summer glow we all have, and getting to unpack the boxes of summer clothes.

 Summer Schedule! I love that a few nights ago when it was bedtime and my kids begged me to let them stay because they found out I knew some swing dance, so they were dying to learn too, I could say, "Well, we don't have to be up early for anything so, SURE! Let's learn how to swing dance!" And I love that they were so excited to show Dad their ever so basic, but oh so enthusiastic swing steps.

 I love the cookouts, and the time with friends, and the many summer birthdays we get to celebrate, and I just have to say I wholeheartedly approve of the whole concept of Summertime! And it is only JUNE! July and August just get better!

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