Thursday, March 21, 2013

Family pictures 2013

So, on our way to DC (to do our immigration paperwork and visit some family), the craigslist photographer we had booked cancelled to do a wedding. I was so stressed and trying to find a last minute replacement but everyone I contacted was too busy, too expensive, not willing to provide digital copies of the prints etc.

So, we were at the national zoo one day, watching the kids in the play area, me clicking away at craigslist leads on my phone, chatting with Mary E Scott about how she's never surprised when things fall into place for us because that's what always happens, when this stranger walks up to us and starts chatting (jason was wearing a hat from his alma mater) and as I explain what i'm doing, he says he knows a good photographer from church, and gives me her number.

 I call, she's available, willing, the right price, and provides digitals of all pics.  Where does she want us to meet her? Oh, the place we were already planning to be that day. SWEEEET!!!!  Plus she was great, and so talented! Seriously, I need a photographer and a random stranger walks up to me and gives me the contact of one.

My luck is ridiculous! Tender mercy for sure.

A big thanks to Danelle for coming through for us with just 24hrs notice! (she had another shoot that morning in Virginia, but hurried back to do ours!)

 Here are a few of the final products:

And when I say "a few" I suppose you know by now that I really meant... ALL.


Frankman's said...

That is a crazy story and the pictures turned out gorgeous!!

West Family said...

Love them! Good lookin' family!

West Family said...

I love them! Good lookin' family!

Amanda said...

What a great story. The pictures are beautiful! I'm not sure it's fair for your kids to be so darling, btw. So cute!!

Leisa Hokanson said...

LOVE!! The tender mercy and the pictures are wonderful! Thanks for sharing! Our 2 oldest will both be home in May and I can't wait to get out family picture taken--way overdue!

LS. M. Leslie said...

Beautiful Pictures! Give me an ideal for Easter this year.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, your family is so adorable! Say hey to Jason from Trevor. I am glad that you are being watched over and helped. Love, Alison

ANH said...

Those pictures are soooo great! You are such a beautiful family!!!!

Kristen, Spencer, Brendan, Isaac, and Bryce said...

Lucia, I can't believe how big the kids have gotten. Everyone looks fabulous and I'm so glad everything worked out! Good luck with the move, we'll be keeping track of you through your adventure.

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