Thursday, May 09, 2013

reason # 7,800,903 why I love Jason.

# 7,800,903: He makes me feel so sporty. Without JR, I would never have random sports related experiences like using my mad skills to paint his face for a soccer game -

And I also wouldn't have the impossibly strong urge to chant "Man City!" to a random guy at the grocery store who happens to be wearing a Manchester United shirt. I couldn't pick out anyone on either team if my life depended on it, but something about spending so much time in the presence of Jason makes me momentarily get distracted from corralling 4 rambunctious children through a Meijers in northwest Ohio to thoroughly confuse/jeer an innocent bystander about his soccer allegiance... or just his choice of shirt.

And this makes me think, " Where did that come from?" and then I remember exactly where that came from, and think, "I love Jason so much!"



garcias said...

I feel the same way about Sam! I was never a sports watcher. I preferred to play them. But now that I am old and fat, the playing part seems quite hard. But now I am an avid BYU fan and everyone knows it. Our kids even have BYU capes because of Sam's creative cutting skills on old BYU t-shirts. Husbands are the best. I am glad you found a good one!

Pirate Stargazer said...

Wow, this story inspires me. :)

Happiness does not depend on what happens outside of you, but on what happens inside of you.

Harold B. Lee