Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stand and Defend!

Jason's dissertation defense is upon us, just hours away. We're all on pins and needles. We hope the committee will be kind. We hope the edits are not extensive, since the deadline is just 10 days away. We hope Jason can relax, and do his best, and feel good about it. 

But, on a lighter note, have you seen this funny video? Well, the girls at church have seen it, so for class activities last night, the Laurels put together this AWESOME suit for Jason in honor of his defense. Isn't it amazing?!? Maybe I'll put up a tutorial because it was under $5, there was no sewing, and took us gals just 1 hour to put together. Go ahead and be amazed.

Good luck babe!


Little A on a Budget said...

That outfit only cost $5?!?! Wow that is amazing. Great work!

G said...

Man, you look great!

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Harold B. Lee