Sunday, August 10, 2014


Our next stop had a TV which instantly captivated the kids, but not for long because in the morning we were off adventuring again!
Our awesome driver found the accomodations in our price range which was great, and he also knows the best places for the best deals, so our free breakfasts have been especially lovely in these beautiful locations!
The spot for the day was Sigiriya rock, 7th wonder of the world. Not really actually, but that's what our guide said, and actually Sri Lanka proudly claims it is the 8th wonder of the ancient world.
Do you see how the monkeys were jusy hanging out in this backyard like the squirrels in Bowling Green?

The actual huge rock was more than we wanted (for a hike with littles, and for the price) but we had a really nice time exploring the ancient ruins, and found several rocks more our size.
I love these crazy twisty trees!
Just down the road we went on a village tour which was well worth the stop! 

We rode in a bullock cart
And floated along through the lilly pads
And then enjoyed the presentation village where we saw how rice is processed,
Climbed their treehouse,
Tried our hand at the rice process, and then enjoyed a delicious traditional meal on a lilly pad. 

Then we took a tuk tuk back to the start.
A dip in the hotel pool, curry dinner on the terrace, and we call it a day.

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garcias said...

oh my goodness, what fun. What a cool place to visit. Do people play with the monkeys?

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