Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Sri Lanka: Day 1

We got into Sri Lanka in the middle of the night, after a fairly calm flight where we were all assigned to separate rows but some friendly passengers agreed to swap around a bit. My lovely TA, Yeeshika, had her brother waiting for us in Colombo. Poor guy, he was dilligently waiting for our 1 hour delayed flight though it was after 2 in the morning before we arrived. He found us some snacks and drove us through the night to Kandy, what a guy! 

We met our driver there, and got checked into our adorable guesthouse.

The view was just lush! The guesthouse has a cool open central courtyard, which seems to be pretty common. It is like your living space is a big gorgeous patio, which we are loving. In the yard, there are bananas, pomagranites, avacados, coconuts, and durian fruit. 

When we woke up from an early morning catnap, we were off to see more beautiful scenery and elephants! 

 The kids especially loved feeding bananas to the elephants! 
It's a package deal which includes a ride, feeeding, and a shower. A shower? 
Oh! A shower!

Afterwards we had a delicious dinner at a nice covered patio sort of restaurant.

Where some monkeys paid us a visit!

Then we came back home for some games and rest, and bug bite bite cream!  What a great first day, the kids have already decided they want to buy a house here! 

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