Thursday, October 09, 2008

Blog comments!

Okay, so I have two problems with blog commenting.

1.) I hardly ever comment on blogs because I can't do it right from google reader- Does anyone know a way to leave comments without having to open a new window for every blog I check??

2.) I never know when someone has commented on my blog, but other people seem to always know when there is a new comment on their blog. Every once in a while I happen upon a comment on an old post that I never knew about. Is there a way to change the settings or something so I get a notice when someone comments on my blog?


Bonny said...

you can set it to email you when you receive a new comment. it is in the settings area or something.

Frankman's said...

You go to the settings tab, then to the comments tab, and then it's ALL the way at the bottom, you can actually enter in multiple email addresses.

I have no idea about the google reader thing - i think that's annoying too.

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