Sunday, February 08, 2009

Draper Temple Open House

The kids were SO excited about the open house for the new temple in Draper! First we watched a quick video at the church where we parked, then we were bussed to the temple. After the tour, there were cookies and water in the visitors center, then a bus ride back to the cars. It was quite the adventure for the kids!

In case you didn't catch that, here are their favorites:
Brooklyn: Um, the bus that we're on right now.
D: To see all the cows and where people could get baptized.

There are not REALLY cows inside the temple. The 12 oxen that hold up the baptismal font represent the 12 tribes of Israel. Here's roughly what it looks like:


Middleton Family said...

We are going on Thursday while Jays parents are out visiting us and are so excited. Seeing your kids cute pictures makes me even more excited!

The Clanton Gang said...

Your kids are SO cute! Athen is absolutely beautiful!

ness said...

so . . . i am pretty sure that you have the cutest kids ever! i absolutely loved the video and the pics! we went to the draper temple a few weeks ago too! hope all is well!

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