Saturday, February 28, 2009

Saturday is a special day..'s the day we get ready for Sunday, but along with that, we have a few other things to get done today.

  • Buy fruit for the relief society birthday breakfast. CHECK
  • Help set up the breakfast. CHECK
  • Eat yummy breakfast with great gals. CHECK
  • Go on visits. CHECK
  • Wash the smashed bannana and lasagna residue off the couch covers. CHE- not done yet, but I SO love being able to throw these kinds of messes into the washing machine, and as soon as I move the current load to the dryer, I will be doing that.
  • Break up the war that brooklyn and diego have declared on each other today. CHECK.
  • Early naptime. CHECK!
  • Sigh about how lovely it would be to have a furnished dream home and new car in Sonoma.
  • Clean my house for just in case the HGTV camera crew pops by this week to tell me I won their 2009 Dream Home Sweepstakes. - Whoa, I better get to work.

Here's a picture of our future home. Pending the big win, of course.
( courtesy of HGTV)

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