Thursday, April 23, 2009

I mop my floors every day, and make homemade bread.

I'm a mom of 3 little ones who makes homemade bread and mops the floor every day.

HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!! No, seriously, ha ha ha!

Okay, now that we've all had a good laugh...

I guess I could say that statement dabbles in truth from a certain perspective. You see, my almost 3 year old drenches my floor almost daily. ARG! WATER!! I have a love hate relationship with H2O. Diego loves it unconditionally: in the bath, falling out of a cup, puddled on the kitchen floor, dripping into the cupboards under the sink, cascading down the front of his clothes, in a kiddie pool, splashing onto the bathroom floor from tub waves, from a sprinkler, at the beach, in the fountains at Sea World, from a pitcher, from a jerryrigged sprinkler (this one is a real gem, he covers the bathroom/kitchen faucet with his fingers to make a "SPRINKLER!"), from the water fountain at the park, from the inside of his mouth ("it's raining!")

Well, you get the point. These are getting funnier as I type them out. So anyways, I like water just fine, but my love is not nearly as all-encompasing as my little dude's. So, in truth, a portion of my floor gets mopped each day as my little one lovingly supplies the water, and the "dirties" supply a towel waiting to be washed for me to mop with. Wow, my homemaking skills estound me.

Meanwhile, the bread thing is true occasionally. More especially since Jason and I made a bread for dishes pact.
I make bread = Jason automatically does the dishes.
I like the simplicity of choosing which one I'd rather do. I like having an escape if I REALLY DO NOT feel like doing dishes. Heck, yesterday when I didn't want to do the dishes and didn't have to (because I had made bread that morning) it was so liberating that I really did mop my floors instead- no puddles to clean even. Go figure. On a side note, I've tried to find that same liberation in just deciding not to do the dishes until I *feel* like it, and that's not at all the same, it does about as much good as waving a fist at a rain cloud; it's still looming overhead, not so liberating!

Well, it's almost 10pm, and there was no breadmaking today, so I guess I'll go wash those dishes.


Middleton Family said...

You are so funny Lucia! I love it! By the way I was helping out in Nursery last Sunday and Diego is so cute and fun. He was telling me all about bugs and how he sprays them, and then we sang London Bridges and he loved capturing the girls and locking them up. You seriously have a darling little boy!

Kelly Shoroye said...

I miss you guys so much! Thanks for the banana bread it was scrumptious. you'll have to come and visit us when we get our own place in te fall!!!!!!

JamesandXochi said...

So nice. Have you ever considered running to Great harvest for a loaf, hiding the bag and getting out your racks for that just baked bread look?
Perhaps you could get a free dish day that way also=) Love you guys!

Ashley and Bryan said...

I am so glad that Bryan showed me your blog! You are so funny!

tzennibah said...

Yummy bread.

The Flynn's said...

Lucia, you crack me up! It was so fun being neighbors for a bit. Miss you guys!

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Harold B. Lee