Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Deep thoughts from a deep mess.

As I was putting the freshly laundered cover back on the baby swing, Diego ran in (looking a little powdery) and said

" I made snow! "
I thought it might be like the time I came out of my shower to a similar exclamation of,

"Christmas came!" (Meaning, the kids had discovered the christmas decorations stored under the toy room bench, and unpacked them all.)
Naturally, I proceeded with caution, to find the "Snow" and quickly discovered the blizzard.

As I was GRUMPILY cleaning the mess, I was reminded by my conscience that I need to be more patient about things that come along with my blessings, since I AM grateful for my blessings. So here's what I REALLY appreciate about this situation:
1. Having a healthy, happy, SWEET little boy that I LOVE.
2. My vacuum and broom.
3. The handy little attachments on said vacuum.
4. Bragging rights in the "you wont believe what my toddler did" conversation."
5. A husband who wont mind a layer of dust on everything for the next few months.
6. The eventual humor I saw in this, and that I know others might appreciate.
7. A baby that is happy to play in his walker while I take care of things like this.
8. I'm really grateful that Diego didn't decide to make it rain before he came to show me this project he was SO excited about. Cornstarch is so much easier to clean than PASTE! Whew!

On a side note- when people warn you to be careful what you pray for, you pretty much know that someone who prays for patience is really asking for a whopping serving of hair pulling scenarios. Yet, I did it anyway the other night. I even mentioned that I already had enough to be patient about, so sending more opportunities to develop patience was not necessary. I was comforted by the knowledge that God doesn't require anything of us that we are not capable of. So I assumed he would just give me a little extra umph in a kindness and patience. And now that I think of it, He did just that. I didn't feel the need to pull my hair out, or cry, or huff and puff all day. I think He sent the help, and without Diego's little blizzard, I might not have noticed the extra help, I would have had nothing to measure it by.

So, last of all, I am thankful for a Father in Heaven that I KNOW loves me, and provides me opportunities for growth that are tailored to my needs. Not because He wants to make me something I am not, but because He wants me to have true happiness, and He knows more than even I do what will bring me happiness. He knows that if He doesn't help me get over the things I struggle with, they will eventually get the better of me. He is acutely aware that slight discomfort of purging things like impatience, and quick tempers pales in comparison to the misery that follows letting those weeds infest and canker the beautiful life he has for me. He wants me to have the joy that He knows, but He wont force it on me.

So I guess I'll keep praying for patience, and I encourage you to do likewise with whatever troubles you, but most of all I hope you will FEEL the love of God in your life because you are His precious child, and I believe He is anxiously engaged in loving you with everything He has !


Jessie said...

Oh my goodness, how I love you and your kids... this is so funny, and so sweet. I aspire to be a mom like you someday. Thank you for your thoughts.

Jessie said...

Wow! That kid is good. And you are such an amazingly positive person Lucia, Thanks for sharing.
~Jessie Wagner

Mel said...

Lucia, you and your kids are amazing. We need to get Kelly up here so Diego can teach Ayo and Samarrah all that he knows. Glad your such a positive mom and a great birth control to the rest of us who are kid-less and, in my case, man-less. You're awesome!

Happiness does not depend on what happens outside of you, but on what happens inside of you.

Harold B. Lee