Saturday, November 08, 2008

Famous by association...

You guys, I am totally famous because I just found out I have a famous friend! It was a wonderful moment in my life, so I will let you in on my elation.

I was at my friends house tonight having a delicious dinner of leftover chinese food, mac and cheese, and fresh fruit. The kids played, we discussed college days, and politics and when it was time to go the kids were not keen on leaving so my clever friend offered to show the kids the "Special Candy Room" and let them pick one if they got their socks and shoes on. If you know anything about kids, you know that was sufficient motivation. So we get all ready and go to the room which really is FULL of candy. My friend responded to my astonishment by casually explaining that it was just a little side business:

Hello!! I have been using that for years, all over the country might I add, and it's my friend's "little side business" I'm so happy to have a famous friend to add to my list of:

1. Gordon B. Hinckley
2. Jack Weyland ( he was my bishop at school)
3. The 1929 mother from "Split Infinity" who was also in "Finding Faith in Christ"
4. Janice Kapp Perry (she spoke at our stake R.S. meeting because she went on a mission to 0ur stake!)
5. Me. Okay, i'm not REALLY in Mr. Kruger's Christmas but my look alike is totally building a snowman with Jimmy Stewart in that show. I dare you to find that part. And if you get borred, you can find my other look alike in the finale of Moulin Rouge, when Ewin McGregor starts to sing, and the audience turns in shock to see, there is a lady in the audience with a red hat,who is also my look alike. Only a lucky few were born with this face, kids, and appearantly a flair for the dramatic comes with it.
6. Reggie Bush. Don't know him, but he attended my middle school, so he's definitely in my yearbook, mostly in various athletic club pictures of course.
7. The owners of hooray!

Who will be next?

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