Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Okay, so if you know me very well you might already know this, but a random fact about my post-wedding self is that I only have 2 states of being these days:
1- Thinking I am pregnant or..
2- Actually being pregnant.

Right now I'm # 3- I know I'm not pregnant, because I JUST took a test (the 4th in 6 weeks mind you- I told you I am pregnancy minded!). Notice I didn't even add #3 to the list because it is SO rare that it's almost obsolete.

So for any of you out there that might deal with this same fascination with *knowing* , I thought I'd share this money saving tip: You can get pregnancy tests at most dollar stores. Shocking, I know, considering that the cheapest you'll find at the grocery store is nearly $12 a pop! I wasn't sure if the dollar store in my new place would stock them seeing as it's fairly small, but sure enough it did. What was I thinking? I am in Provo aka. Babyville. They had THREE ROWS of pregnancy tests. This amuses me.


Middleton Family said...

Hey, I went to type you a message on Facebook and your friend had written about you having a blog so I checked it out. Hope you don't mind if I put you on our friends list! My blog address is on my facebook page!
You are so funny! Does your huband get mad at you for spending money on preg tests? Jay is always teasing me about the amount of money we spend by the end of the year. Never thought about the dollar store. Good thinking!
Are you guys still doing the mommy boot camp on Thursday morning? I wanted to go today but Jay had an MRI on his knee, but I am going to go next week. Also are we going to do Bunco this month?
Okay, this has been the longest comment ever. Talk to you later!

Kelly Shoroye said...

You are hilarious! I still have those moments every month. You'd think after having two kids I would KNOW when I am pregnant, but we are funny like that!

jenn said...

oh, lucia! you are so funny! i'm glad you "know" now. good tip on the dollar store thing. i've only taken 3 home pregnancy tests (2 positive and one negative) in my life: one for carter, one for kayleigh and one a couple of months ago when i calculated my period wrong. my "aunt flo" visits exactly on schedule every month unless i'm prego, so i rarely need one of those tests!

Sylvia said...

LOL!!! I love taking pregnancy tests too! It is just great knowing. I also found the pregnancy tests a few months ago at dollar tree and have loved it. Sometimes I have dreams where in I take a dollar store pregnancy test and don't believe the out come. I then wake up confused, so I test again. Anyway you are so great.

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