Monday, November 24, 2008

jason is funny

Jason REALLY wanted biscuits with dinner last night, so we mixed up the ol' bisquick and while I was reading Jason the instructions :
" Drop by spoonfuls on ungreased pan.."

"Oops" Jason already greased the pan and had begun putting on the biscuits. They might spread out a little. Oh well right?

Well a few minutes later I found Jason hunched over the oven like so.
What are you doing?

He was carefully sprinkling bisquick mix in between the biscuits to *ungrease* the pan. Apparently, it had been weighing heavily on his conscience, and like I said, he was REALLY looking forward to biscuits! This is why Jason will always be a better cook than I am, he cares about the instructions.

This is also another reason why I think this man is So cute!

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