Friday, March 13, 2009

I my gosh, you guys....

For the past week I have been LIVING in the world of twilight, and "holy crow" it has been so much fun! <--- Okay, isn't there punctuation stronger than an exclamation point here, because it has been ridiculously fun to read this series/saga/whatever you call it! (<-- oh, that's much better)
When I woke up in the middle of the night, I debated whether I should go back to sleep, or turn on the light and keep reading.
My shampoo just wouldn't rinse out fast enough, and the towel has got to be the SLOWEST way to dry off.
The water would not boil quick enough for the mac and cheese we had for lunch every day.
Snacking between meals was OUT of the question (not for the kids of course) because it was uneccesary time away from the book, what with the preparation and excessive hand washing to avoid the possibility of getting the book dirty. (but would you believe I lost 6 lbs this week from the Twighlight enduced dieting! funny huh?)
Meanwhile, the kids have loved having free rein of the toys all day, and my permanent presence on the toy room floor as their personal jungle gym/snuggle station.

*sigh* What a fun week!

Kudos to:
Tina for inviting me to see the movie, and then locating a copy of the book for me since I couldn't make it.
Christie for lending me twilight...
Amanda for letting me run over and borrow New Moon in the middle of the night, and...
Jessica for making a house call with the last two books!
and of course..
Stephanie Meyer for writing the awesome books, and ....

JASON for making me confused at all the "why can't all men be like edward?" comments I have heard/read. Isn't everybody's sweetheart that sweet?


Middleton Family said...

I love it! Now you guys just need to go see the movie. If you need a babysitter let me know! Even more exciting is that the movie comes out on DVD the 21st of this month!
Also have you heard about the whole drama with her book from Edwards perspective? The pages she have written can be found on her website. She was writing Edwards book and she gave copies to read to some of her friends and someone leaked it. So she is not going to finish the book, but she posted what she has written on her website! Sorry that I didn't answer when you needed the second book I was already sleeping but Jay told me he talked to you and that you had got it from Amanda!

Jessie said...

You are hilarious, Lucia. I love it. And also, I love that you lost 6 pounds from reading... who knew it was such an effective diet?!? No wonder I was so skinny while I was in school as an English major! So funny.

Amanda said...

I know I told you this...but I LOVE that picture! I also love that you and Jason both got so into the books! You guys are awesome =)

tzennibah said...

I went to the DVD release party last night at Borders. Tons o' fun

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