Sunday, March 15, 2009

sunday slacker

I wish there was a way to skype in to church on the Sundays that my kids are sick! I think I have only averaged church like twice a month this winter. :oP I can't stand missing church- it throws the whole week off. Ah well, to everything there is the season, and with little kids, it is the season off drippy, germy noses.


Jessie said...

Right there with ya... only today was my first time staying home sick with the girls... but they've been out like every other week with dad this winter. No fun. But hopefully the weather is turning... isn't Spring almost here?

Middleton Family said...

I was wondering if I just missed you today! Sorry the kids are sick. My kids are better and I was worried about bringing them to church today because I am afraid they will get another cold from someone in nursery or primary. I just want everyone to be healthy again!!! Let me know if you need something.

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