Monday, August 31, 2009

The Contest!

Well, I told you guys about the ccontest I was in right? Well it was last friday, and it was fun! We arrived a little early just in case it was a mad house, but it was totally relaxed!First item of business was getting my name into the Golden Drum, then onto the activities. There was a bounce house for the kids, and lots of food, and sugary drinks, and local mini-celebrities like Miss Utah, the Grocery Guru,the radio station DJ, and the guy that owns Colosimo Sausages. Not to mention 40+ people hoping to win the $5000 in groceries for the year!
Can you believe we were the ONLY people with signs??? Come on people, this is a YEAR of groceries for goodness sake!!

So... in goes Miss Utah's hand, and out comesthe name of....

this very excited guy from Clearfield :

He was GENUINELY overjoyed, and although we didn't win the grand prize, it was sweet to see!
Congrats, whoever you are!

And no worries guys, I still made out like a bandit with all this free stuff:

1 t-shirt
2 boxes of Fat Boy ice cream desserts
1 package of golf balls
1 pack of spicy sausages
1 gallon of milk
1 tub of cottage cheese
1 SWEET trapper keeper thing (I am not kidding when I say this thing is sweet, it has built in speakers! and comes prestocked with coupons, and various couponing supplies like scissors, hole punch, etc)
$50 Maceys gift card

not to mention, two weeks of excitement!

THANK YOU MACEYS!!! (and Fat Boy, and Colosimos, and Meadow Gold ) :o)

Hey did I tell you that Jason entered in hoped of me getting TONS of junk email, as part of our on going email war... haha... he's nice even when he's TRYING to be mean. I love that guy.


JamesandXochi said...

SO I was so sure you guys would win! Oh well, guess it's best that the overjoyed guy gets a turn!
Love you guys-

jenn said...

so fun! and you got lots of great stuff!

Catherine Hess said...

Woah! Golf balls! Now all your wildest dreams have come true, right? Sounds like a lot of fun - I'll make sure to vote for you next year (or at least hold a sign that says "Pick my friend!")

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