Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What's new with us? Oh, just the same 'ol ...wait, it's totally NOT the same 'ol stuff!

Why is it that I can never think of what's actually new with me when someone asks?And then 2 minutes later actually think about the question and realize A LOT is new! So in case you've asked "What's new?" and I have ansered "Oh, nothing." It is a lie, here's what's new:

- We found out Jason is Diabetic so we have spend more time than I care to remember wandering confused around the grocery store, but equally as much time, I am HAPPY to note, incorporating very healthy food, and plenty of exercise into our daily routine. I am so proud of Jason, he has been SUPER vigilent about his health and is doing great. Ths time next year, he will probably be the poster boy for healthy diabetics! (I only say next year because it will probably take the ADA that long to find him and have him on an actual poster)

- We had a mini car drama when we found out on saturday afternoon that our tags expired 4 months ago. Can you belive we didn't notice that? What's more amazing than going four months without anyone noticing is getting pulled over twice the same day for it. So we took it to get it registered ( yes, we got pulled over on the way to Jiffy Lube) and it failed the safety inspection. Luckily, I managed to get it to the next mechanic for the fix-its without any police presence. So, a few hundred dollars later our favorite transportation will be up and around again. This all seems pretty insignificant looking back, but I was quite beside myself saturday evening. I should really learn not to be such a spazz.

- The time for our grad school search is coming to a close and we still have NO idea where we will be in fall '10. Colorado? Michigan? North Dakota (Fargo... even the name sounds frigid, and we'll probably end up there just because I said that out loud. LOL) Vermont? Minnesota? Ohio?

Jason did the top rank- top price degree for his Masters, and this time around I think we are leaning more toward the little letters behind his name without the big $$$ added to our student loan debt. But who knows, maybe a few bigger schools will still be in the running.

- I guess anything else I put at this point would be just fishing for interesting news, but all is well with the kids, preschool starts in a few weeks, and we will be entering foreign territory of afternoons without Brooklyn. Before you know it, she'll be in college. Diego still doesn't understand he's not going, and Athen wont care, except that rough housing with Diego will be a far cry from playing Babies with Brooklyn.

- OH WAIT! I almost forgot! I won some coupons, and get to be a finalist (1 of at least 50) in a $5,000 grocery shopping spree drawing this friday!! I can't begin to wrap my mind around the prospect of wnning, but am surely enjoying the excitement of it- and hey, FREE COUPONS! Wish us luck, and don't be suprised if your christmas presents next year are groceries :o)

So now I ask... What's REALLY new with you??


tzennibah said...

I would gladly accept groceries as a Christmas present.

AbueloG said...

Save them, eat them yourself, in lieu of any presents for us

Frankman's said...

three cheers for ohio grad school! :-)

JamesandXochi said...

Wow, glad you updated us. Sounds like a few things are happening in your world. Glad to hear your diabetic hubby is a poster child- He is awesome!

Happiness does not depend on what happens outside of you, but on what happens inside of you.

Harold B. Lee