Monday, October 14, 2013

A Lucky stop

The other day, my friend and I ventured out to find a furniture store called Luckys. We heard it was awesome, and oh my, it was!! 
 It doesn't have a store front, it's just a couple warehouses. But don't dismiss it to quickly because inside is a treasure trove of gorgeous perfect wood furniture stacked in rows like an amazing game of antique Tetris! 

 I was immediately in love and I want to go again and again. I ended up getting a creamy dreamy cabinet and a bench, which they painted to match each other (for no extra cost!), and delivered (for no extra cost!) the same day. When you come visit, I will take you here!


Kristen and Andrew said...

ummm... your life is really cool and you make me want to live in Dubai... ;)

The Shadle's said...

now that is customer service! You just don't find places like that here.

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