Monday, October 14, 2013

Abu Dhabi for a day

We all have the whole week off for the Eid Holiday, so we are trying to make the most of it! Day one was a trip to Abu Dhabi, which is a little less than an hour and 30 minutes. Easy Peasy.

Our first stop was the Emirates Park Zoo. It was little, but fun and inexpensive! Win!

This was a magic show, and drum lesson! Fun!

 Athen was a little creeped out in the reptile house.

 Feeding the animals was my FAVORITE part, hands down! These giraffes we so cute and sweet! Athen was holding some greenery out for a zebra, when a giraffe came down behind him and ate it, to his great surprise. I wish I had caught it on video! 

Diego's favorite part was feeding the little monkeys dates from the trees.

And of course there have to be camels! We we saw some in the desert on the drive up, but this was a better photo option. They seriously always make great faces!

This is the Zayed Grand Mosque, which was closed for tours for the holiday, but still so awesome from the outside! Mosques are an every other block thing here, but this one is HUGE, and amazing! We will definitely be back to see the inside! Abu Dhabi had lots of beautiful parks on the corniche, and we were sad we only had time for this one. I guess next trip will be just the Mosque and parks!

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