Monday, October 14, 2013

Moving Home

We moved out of the hotel and into our villa exactly a week ago (It has been more than a week now, but this post has been waiting in the drafts box for a while!). I was sad to say goodbye to our hotel friends! I know it was just heir job, but they they went out of their way to be so so kind to our family. They knew our kids by name, and snuck them packets of Nutella for their pancakes, and just made us feel so special. I think Lincoln thought they were our relatives because would find and hug the hostess every morning before breakfast and they would shower him with hugs and kisses. We just love them! On our last night, after we finished dinner, the restaurant staff called and asked us to come back down because they had a surprise for us- a delicious chocolate cake for our whole family. I really was on the verge, and over the edge of tears to say goodbye to them. I wish they were all my next door neighbors! Have a look at all these sweethearts!

This cake they gave us a a farewell was so yummy!

We are in our own place now and it is pretty much empty, except for the basics. We actually like it this way, so maybe we are minimalists at heart. Time and paychecks will tell. We were terribly lucky to get internet in a few days instead of months, and having communication to the outside world makes it feel downright homey.

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