Monday, October 14, 2013

School in Dubai

We knew finding a school for all 3 kids in August would be a long shot, so we planned to probably need to homeschool this year, but wonder of wonders, we found a school close by, on the american curriculum, in our price range, with openings for ALL 3 school kids in our family, and we are loving it. HOORAY!
Here are some interesting things you should know:
 1. School uniforms are the cutest things.

2. The kids like their new school. They were pretty sold on the cool uniforms, but they like the classes too! They are out the door at 7am, and are plenty busy until they head home at 2:30 (the 5 year old is especially tired, but so happy). I love hearing what they did that day: "We had computers today, we got an email and sent our teacher a message, oh and I got my art kit! We get to take home our recorder flutes to practice for music class. I wrote my name in arabic, it's much shorter than you think." "I got my science kit today, and it had real vials! I told my teacher I would teach her to speak african if she let me make an explosion in the science lab. I need to bring my swimsuit and towel next week, we are swimming in P.E. " "Frequency words means words you use a lot. We got our science kit! Something funny happened, I fell asleep in arabic class today because she was talking and I was tired because I didn't understand the words." Of course there are complaints too because school is only magical on the first day, but overall, it's great!

3. I spend a LOT of time driving. There is one road in and out of each town, and EVERYONE needs to be on it at the same time every morning and evening so we have to plan for plenty of time in the car. I take the kids to school, then JR to work. Then hang out with Lincoln all day, then bring the kids home, then bring JR home. I think I have it down the the quickest routes, but we still end up needing to fill up the tank twice a week. Luckily, gas is not very expensive here and a full tank of gas for our little car is the equivalent of about $16 USD. Crazy right?

 4. Random observation: The Porsche seems as common here as the Honda was in the states. There's the sporty model, the sedan, the family car... a Porsche for everyone! Well, not everyone, because we certainly wont be driving one.
 Speaking of cars, here we are pushing our rental to the road... the battery died. 

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