Monday, October 14, 2013

My husband, the mind reader...

 I took this picture one day as I was walking through the mall, because I was distracted by how pretty this bed was and I wanted to remember it for future reference or pinterest or whatever.  Meanwhile, when it actually came time to leave the hotel and buy a bed, I happened to be having a doozy of an arthritis flare up, so JR went alone, never knowing of this bed I had daydreamed about.  

But just look at the bed he picked out for me: 

I LOVE IT! I never imagined having a bed so dreamy! It was one of the lest expensive beds he could find, so win win!  Isn't he a mind reader!!


The Shadle's said...

love the story and that bed!!!

garcias said...

Your posts make me want to live abroad again! Your house is looking so cool.

So I posted the babysitting post again just for you. I am going to leave it up for three days and then take it down again. :) I really don't want to offend anyone.

I hope your night are great in your new bed!

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